Bearded Collie

Origin: One of the oldest of the British herding breeds, the Bearded Collie has for centuries been the Scottish hill shepherd’s dog, used to hunt and gather free-ranging sheep on the Highlands. The breed was also popular as a cattle drover. Both jobs required a hardy constitution and intelligence, initiative, strength, stamina, and speed

Height: Males 21-22″ (53-56 cm); females 20-21″ (51-53 cm).

Coat: The coat is double, with the undercoat soft, furry and close. The outer coat should be flat, harsh and strong, and shaggy. The Beardie coat should be maintained with regular brushings at least once a week to avoid matting. From the cheeks, the lower lips and under the chin, the coat increases in length towards the chest, forming the typical beard.

Colour: Beardies can be black (grey as adults) brown, blue or fawn with or without white markings. All puppies are born dark and go through several changes of colour.

Temperament: The Bearded Collie is alert and self-confident, lively and active. The temperament should be that of a steady, intelligent working dog and must show no signs of nervousness or aggression. The Beardie is a strong, determined dog and needs exercise and training if it is to be a pleasant companion.

Crate Training: Recommended.

Caroline Thibodeau
Caroline Thibodeau
Interested puppy purchasers are encouraged to inquire about health clearances and can expect to receive detailed, honest information from responsible breeders.