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Origin/history: The breed originates from England and were bred to hunt rabbits. Whippets were put in bed with the children to keep the children warm too. The Whippet has been referred to as the “poor man’s race horse”. Whippets have been recorded at speeds over 35 miles per hour!

General Appearance: Whippets are a medium sized dog, very alert, that can cover a maximum distance with a minimum loss of motion. A true sporting hound.

Height: Males: 19-22″ (48-56 cm) Females: 18-21″ (46-53 cm)

Coat: Whippets have a short flat coat. Whippets keep themself clean often licking themself just like a cat.

Colour: Whippets come in all colours.

Temperament: Amiable, friendly, gentle, but capable of great intensity during sporting pursuits. Whippet owners will tell you that they are very sensitive to you. Recently Whippets made the top ten list of most snuggly dogs! Whippet owners believe they are number one.

Activity: Whippets do excel at lure coursing since it is a sport that most closely resembles what they are bred to do. Instead of chasing rabbits they are chasing white plastic bags tired to a string that’s laid out in a course. Whippets can do anything though like agility, obedience, fly ball, dock diving, frisbee and the conformation show ring.

Diet: No issues normally.

Crate training: Whippets do very well with crate training. The breed can suffer from separation anxiety when left alone especially when they are young. Young Whippets get bored without plenty of exercise and can get into trouble being left alone in the house.

Training/house breaking: Whippets are a hound so training can be a challenge. Whippets are very trainable but do best with an experienced owner that’s ready to out think the cleverness of the Whippet. They can also be very stubborn.

Daily Care: The occasional bath and trim their nails regularly.
Exercise is essential for raising a Whippet. A large fenced in area is very important so they can run!

© Shetara
© Shetara
Interested puppy purchasers are encouraged to inquire about health clearances and can expect to receive detailed, honest information from responsible breeders.