Canada’s Top dog 2022

June 12th, 2023 by


Can GChEx AmGChB Rivermist Broxden Magnuttic FDJ CGN ATD JT AGN AGNJ   Owners: Craig & Diane Storey Handler: Emily Burdon

What an amazing journey with a remarkable Brittany. Initially, Diane and I wanted  a medium sized, active, intelligent, affectionate dog to join our home,  from a breeder that focused on function as much as form. Our criteria narrowed us down to the Brittany Spaniel. Arthur is everything we were looking for and was bred by Rivermist Brittanys and Allyson Godfroid. Ultimately this became our introduction to the world of dog shows and it has been a pleasure watching Arthur become a   record setting ambassador for his breed.

We were humbled to be some judges’ first and some judges’ last awarded BIS in 2022. Equally, Arthur is our perfect family dog that is always willing and happy to take part in whatever adventures we think of. I believe it is this Brittany trait that makes him as special as he is and the once in a lifetime dog we all dream of having. 

We are very proud of all the accolades and all the ‘firsts’ for his breed that Arthur has been able to achieve. Arthur has become not only a top winning Brittany in Canada but also in the USA and also a top winning sporting Group dog in Canada. We have many good memories and accomplishments to cherish- both in the conformation ring and in the performance arena.

Thank you to a village of  people that helped Arthur on his journey- Allyson for encouraging and helping us along the way- Emily for perfect presentation and giving Arthur a home away from home –CJ’s skilled hands with puppies and teaching a newbie the ropes – Graeme Burdon, Ashley Martins and Monica Park for presenting Arthur when Emily and CJ could not- The many fans cheering us on-our judges for their recognition and their kind words of praise and encouragement to a new comer –Finally the Kennel Clubs for putting in many hours so we can enjoy our dog sports.