Dachshund – Miniature Smooth

© Lyndsay Ferguson

Special Care: Because their body is so long, careful attention must be paid to their spine health. Pet steps are recommended for a miniature smooth dachshunds access to couches, beds, and any other area they may jump down from. Jumping off furniture, or running up and down stairs is to be discouraged.

Temperament: Correctly socialized, miniature smooth dachshunds are happy, energetic, and bold members of the household. They are fiercely loyal, and love toy games such as tug and fetch. They also make excellent lap warmers when watching television or reading a book.

Weight: Not exceeding 11lbs

Colours: The miniature smooth dachshund can be red, cream, black, chocolate, wild boar, gray (blue) or fawn (Isabella). These colours may come in a pattern as well; these patterns are called dapple (merle), brindle, or sable.

Coat Care: Brush with a boar bristle brush occasionally to remove loose fur. Ears should be cleaned regularly with ear cleaner/cotton ball; nails should be kept short to promote good posture and spine health.

Feeding: High quality food promotes good health. Whole food ingredients, raw feeding, or grain free are all excellent sources of nourishment for the miniature smooth dachshund.

Housebreaking: Always maintain consistency. Will use “puppy bells” to let you know when to be let out, or pee pads, if this is your preference. The breed is intelligent and versatile, and will adapt to owner’s potty training style. Completely capable of using outdoors in Canadian winters.

Crate Training: Strongly recommended for safety, especially for travel in a vehicle.

Training & Obedience: The miniature smooth dachshund is very intelligent. They excel at obedience, barn hunt, rally-O, and can be taught any number of tricks.

Exercise: Daily walks, games of fetch, etc. will keep your miniature smooth dachshund in good shape. It is important that they are not allowed to become overweight. Because they are a hound-dog, a fenced yard is strongly suggested, as they may have the desire to chase small wild animals.

© Lyndsay Ferguson
© Lyndsay Ferguson
Interested puppy purchasers are encouraged to inquire about health clearances and can expect to receive detailed, honest information from responsible breeders.