Irish Wolfhound

Origin: The Irish Wolfhound, as its name suggests, was bred in Ireland to hunt wolves and the giant Irish Elk. They are known as “gentle giants” due to giant size and calm nature. They are best suited to a home with a large fenced yard for exercise, or at a minimum an owner who will take them out for regular walks.  Puppies should not be heavily exercised due to their rapid growth – nothing that forces them to keep going when they are tired. Their commanding appearance is sufficient to keep most strangers away but wolfhounds are for the most part sensible and discerning.

Height: Anywhere from 30” (small female) to 36” (large male)

Weight: 105lbs (small female) to 160lbs (large male)

Health Concerns:  As this is a short-lived breed, breeders should be chosen with care to ensure the maximum lifespan for your pet

Coat:  Wiry Coat – harsh medium length outer coat with undercoat, managed with weekly brushing.  Most have longer eyebrows and beards. For show purposes the Irish Wolfhound is hand-stripped like a terrier.

Colours:  Colours may be solid or brindled and go from a light cream, to wheaten, red, grey or black.  A minimal amount of white may be present on the toes or chest.

Feeding:  As puppies, Irish Wolfhounds can consume huge quantities of food during their growth phase, which slows down as they reach maturity.  Owners need to watch the diet to avoid foods containing soy which may contribute to bloat, and allow the dog to rest for a period after feeding.

Training & Obedience:  Wolfhounds want to please, and enjoy being with you.  They, for the most part are easily trained, but usually do not excel in the higher levels of training.

Housebreaking:  Start early and be firm. Crate training, or leashing the puppy to you so they can’t develop bad habits helps create good habits.

Crate training:  Small puppies can be comfortable in a 400 sized crate, adults require a 500 size at a minimum, and large males are most comfortable in a 700.

Hot Days: Dark dogs should have shade to get out of the sun, and most enjoy a kiddie pool to sit in. Because of their great size care should be taken to prevent heat stroke from excessive exercise on hot days.

Interested puppy purchasers are encouraged to inquire about health clearances and can expect to receive detailed, honest information from responsible breeders.