Donna Cullen

Origin: The country of origin is listed as France but the breed has strong roots in Germany and Belgium. Lowchen have been featured in art since the 1500’s And were popular throughout the Middle Ages.

General Description: The Lowchen is small, strongly built, intelligent, affectionate and lively combining all the qualities of a companion dog.

Temperament: The breed is active, inquisitive, and outgoing showing no signs of aggression or shyness with a natural affinity towards children.

Height: 10-13″. (25-33 cm)

Weight: 12-15 lbs. (5-8 kg)

Colour: Any colour or combination of colours permissible.

Coat: Fairly long, wavy, never curly, single coat of soft texture. The coat is clipped in the traditional Lion Clip for the show ring but may be trimmed in a puppy trim which would reduce the need for daily brushing of a long coat.

House Breaking: Easily trained with consistent and regular routine, crate training also a help with young puppies.

Feeding: Good quality kibble is recommended.

Activity Level: Although quite energetic, a lot of exercise is not required. Decidedly, they are indoor dogs, not for outdoor or kennel living as they are bred to be companions and live to be with their owners.

Donna Cullen
Donna Cullen
Interested puppy purchasers are encouraged to inquire about health clearances and can expect to receive detailed, honest information from responsible breeders.