Origin and Uses: a very old breed, descended from roman times and likely developed in Germany by crosses with  molosser mastiff types, mountain  dogs and drovers of that era: used to drive cattle herds along with the armies as they marched across Europe: tough and strong and later became drover dogs for the town of Rottweil, herding cattle from pasture to town, protecting them from robbers and wild animals. They were often referred to as the Butcher’s Dog.

General Appearance: very strong and robust dog with thick muscling through shoulders, neck and hindquarters: powerfully built, sturdy and upstanding, heavier bone on male specimens: always alert to his surroundings.

Height and Weight: Height males 24-27 inches and about 110 – 132 pounds : females 22-25 inches and 77- 105 pounds

Coat and Colour: black dog with tan or rich mahogany markings on cheeks, side of muzzle, thumb print over each eye, under throat, on chest, all lower legs and under tail: body coat is dense, short, and course: A natural dog that is untrimmed: only needs weekly brushing, ear cleaning and nail trimming; ( start as puppies) Bathe when necessary. They shed twice yearly.

Feeding: Does well on any high grade kibble or properly sourced raw. Feed twice daily and restrict exercise after eating. Rarely have food allergies: generally good eaters. Should not be allowed to become overweight.

Temperament: aloof with strangers, but must not be shy. Fearless and self assured. Socialize early. Not to be used as a child baby sitter. Strong work ethic: Good with other dogs if introduced properly. Breed has Low tolerance for other aggressive dogs and is a natural family protector.

Training and Obedience: crate training a puppy is essential so that he has a safe place when alone. Powerful chewers so must be supervised: Highly intelligent. Start basic obedience when young using positive reinforcement. Without early training they can become dominant!! They are easy to house train with consistency. 

Activity and Performance: require a fair amount of exercise. An adult Rottie is a great dog for joggers. Require two long brisk walks daily or some time in a fenced area chasing a ball but need a six foot fence as they can jump easily. Require a fenced yard. Swimming exercise is also good. Breed excels in dock diving, drafting, agility, obedience, protection work, herding and a variety of other dog sports.

Interested puppy purchasers are encouraged to inquire about health clearances and can expect to receive detailed, honest information from responsible breeders.