Tupak and Christina.. Top Dog 2019

July 16th, 2020 by

The Newfoundland dog is one of only a few breeds that are indigenous to Canada and more specifically as the name implies, having originated in the province of Newfoundland. The breed has a long proud history of having assisted Canadian fishermen by hauling nets to shore and also serving as a carting dog. The breed excels at water rescue due to his strong swimming ability. How fitting then, that the top conformation dog of Canada in 2019 should be a Newfoundland Dog. ‘For The Love of Purebred Dogs’ is proud to present….. MBIS BISS Can GCh/SBOS, AM GCh/MBIS BISS, Mexican GCh/MBIS, Argentinian GCh/MBIS, Peruvian GCh/MBIS, Bolivian GCh Midnight Lady’s Fire Up Your Engine Moso, AOM. This great dog sported such impressive credentials, but we all fondly called him ‘Tupak’.

Tupak was bred in Hungary by Zsuzsu Somos Soos and is owned by Leo Rabinovitz and Christina Koffman-Heard and sponsored during his career by John Affel. In Mexico, Tupak was #3 all breed and handled by Jorge Flores Martinez. He then came to Canada and was handled beautifully during his campaign by Christina. In 2018, he finished his year in Canada as the #2 working dog and #7 all breeds.

In full showing mode in 2019, Tupak hit his stride and was rewarded consistently. He was always a pleasure to watch in the ring as he excelled with a strong smooth even gait that was powerful, yet amazingly light footed for such a large dog. He was all show man with a purposeful demeanor but he also exuded a hint of unabashed naughty enthusiasm. The down and back pattern as instructed by the judge was often his nemesis. Moving away from the judge on the diagonal and returning to land a four square stance with dignity and stateliness for this breed is considered perfection. It is this ‘finish’ that is quite appealing and eye catching as the dog plants his feet correctly, looking proud and majestic. Tupak would frequently have other ideas about perfection and would launch himself into the air just for fun. It was a constant challenge for Christina to find new ways to harness the energy of this mighty canine. Ringside supporters, familiar with his antics, watched breathlessly, praying for a peaceful sedate completion of the down and back pattern. Thus was the life of Tupak, magnificent always, temperamentally sound, and beautifully structured. As a steadfast working dog of mighty proportions he was unexcelled. Tupak lit up the rings in an exciting career that spanned several countries and ended as the #1 dog of all breeds in Canada with an impressive 116  Bests in Show in 5 countries and the top winning Newfoundland dog of all time. He is now retired and living a quiet life with his family: Christina’s son Daniel, his wife Brittany, and their two children, Madalyn and Jonah.