American Eskimo Dog

History and Origin: The American Eskimo Dog’s country of origin is Germany, having been bred as a multipurpose working dog on the farm.  The “Eskie” as it has been nicknamed is one of a number of spitz breeds.  Spitz are intelligent, thinking dogs with a strong natural desire to please.

General Appearance: The American Eskimo dog is a loving companion dog that presents a picture of strength and agility, alertness, and beauty:  a small to medium-size Nordic type dog: always white or white with biscuit cream:  compactly built and well balanced, with good substance and an alert smooth gait. The face is Nordic type with erect triangular shaped ears and distinctive black point (lips, nose and eye rims). Size: there are three separate size divisions of the Americam Eskimo Dog:   Toy 9-12 in    Miniature 12-15 in    Standard 15-19 in

Coat, Colour and Care: white double coat consists of a short, dense undercoat with a longer guard hair growing through it forming the outer coat which is straight with no curl or wave.  The coat is thicker and longer around the neck and chest forming a lion-like ruff which is more noticeable on males than females. The rump and hind legs down to the hocks are also covered with thicker, longer hair forming the characteristic breeches.  The richly plumed tail is carried loosely on the back.  Coat is weather resistant: undercoat is generally shed twice per year.

Feeding: Eskies do well on a variety of diets.  A good quality balanced diet of raw or kibble preferred. It is advisable to check with your breeder prior to introducing a new feeding plan to your puppy.   Access to clean, fresh water is a must at all times.

Training and Obedience: Eskies are easy to train, love to work and enjoy being with their human pack members.  They develop a close bond with humans in general and enjoy working closely with them.  They are a very versatile breed that given training can excel in obedience, rally, agility, scent detection, herding, tracking, service, and therapy work, while also being a great companion dog. 

Activity: The American Eskimo is a moderately active breed and they do need exercise which can consist of leash walks, outdoor play or by getting their exercise from any number of sport dog activities.

Temperament: The Eskie is intelligent, alert, and friendly, though slightly conservative.  It is never overly shy or aggressive.  At home, the Eskie is a great watchdog, sounding a warning bark announcing the arrival of any stranger.  It is protective of its home, although does not threaten to bite or attack people. It learns new tasks quickly and is very eager to please

Interested puppy purchasers are encouraged to inquire about health clearances and can expect to receive detailed, honest information from responsible breeders.