Breeder Referral: Breeds D-F

Interested puppy purchasers are encouraged to inquire about health clearances and can expect to receive detailed, honest information from responsible breeders.

Dachshund (Miniature Long Haired)

Shelley Grady-Kirby
Home Victoria Harbour ON Canada Home Phone: (705) 534-4614 Home Phone: (705) 427-7226
Shauna McLauchlan
Shamorra perm Reg’d
Home Beausejour MB Canada Home Phone: 1-204-205-0435 Website:
Dr. Line Robichaud
E.R. Dox
Home Bathhurst NB Canada Home Phone: (506) 546-9290

Dachshund (Miniature Smooth Haired)

Lyndsay Ferguson
Home London ON Canada Home Phone: (226) 448-3698 Website:
Tanya Mccarthy
Disguise Reg’d
Home Wellandport ON Canada Home Phone: 1-905-920-3987 Website:
Shauna McLauchlan
Shamorra perm Reg’d
Home Beausejour MB Canada Home Phone: 1-204-205-0435 Website:

Dachshund (Miniature Wire Haired)

Sue-Ellyn and Jacob Rempel
Jasu reg’d
Home Ile des Chenes MB Canada Home Phone: 1-204-298-1677 Website:

Dachshund (Standard Wire Haired)

Sandra Alexander
Home Shelburne NS CanadaHome Asheville NC USA Home Phone: (902) 875-1441 Home Phone: (828) 989-0351 Website:


Jolie McMullan
Triple Crown
Home Phone: (250) 720-5203

Doberman Pinscher

Jean Berghuijs
Home Athens ON Canada Home Phone: (613) 924-1157 Website:
Pat Blenkey
Brian CaseyWrath-Liberator Perm Reg’d
Home Harley ON Canada Home Phone: (519) 449-2372 Website:
Tracy Casselman
Home Phone: (587) 360-0096 Website:
Theresa Connors-Chan
Greg ChanConquest
Home Newtonville ON Canada Home Phone: (905) 786-2585 Website:
Pam DeHetre
Home Loganville GA USA Home Phone: (770)329-3044 Website:
Mariah & Chris Dupuy
Braebrook Reg’d
Home Duncan BC Canada Home Phone: (250) 701-3746 Website:
Lana Ferguson
Home Comox BC Canada Home Phone: (250) 890-0596 Website:
Denise L. Gallant
Home Moncton NB Canada Website: http://www.dengaldobes.chttp://www.dengaldobes.comom
Sheilah Hanlon
Garshangan Perm Reg’d
Home St Agatha ON Canada Home Phone: (226) 240-5303 Website:
Jolie Janssen
Home Edmonton AB Canada Website:
Cheryl Mehaffey
Home Wyebridge ON Canada Home Phone: (705) 526-7414
Debi Noonan
Nightflight Reg’d
Home Stoney Creek ON Canada Home Phone: (905) 545-2955 Home Phone: (905) 664-2925 Website:
Elizabeth Numbers
Home Phone: (705) 322-7399 Website:
Nancy Pearson
Nantom Reg’d
Home Vineland ON Canada Home Phone: (905) 562-7625
Monica Peterson
Home Belwood ON Canada Home Phone: (519) 787-3790 Website:
Maura Reilly
Stephan OlschewskiGatehouse Perm Reg’d
Home Owen Sound ON Canada Home Phone: (519) 374-5205 Website:

Dogue De Bordeaux

Peter & Tracey Muth
Home Vanessa ON Canada Home Phone: (519) 443-0363 Home Phone: (518) 865-8314 Website:


Cynthia Seeling
Home Chilliwack BC Canada Home Phone: (604) 329-1848 Website:

English Cocker-spaniel

Marlene Ness
Mark RagusaMar-K
Home Brantford ON Canada Home Phone: (203)240-8622
Colleen Skelton
Amberview Perm Reg’d
Home Toronto ON Canada Home Phone: (905) 436-3983 Website:

English Setter

Shawn & Nadeen Bennett
Home Winnipeg MB Canada Home Phone: (204) 256-1792 Website:

English Springer Spaniel

Melanie Conrad
Home Granville Ferry NS Canada Home Phone: (902) 665-4589 Website:
Nanci J Footitt
Home Caledon ON Canada Home Phone: (905) 794-1022 Website:
Krystal Hjort
Home Ayton ON Canada Home Phone: (519) 665-7488 Website:
Jeanine Jorgensen
Home Trossachs, SK Canada Home Phone: 1 306 891-5504 Website:
Diana Martel
Home Ashton ON Canada Home Phone: (613) 838-5093 Website:


M. Armstrong
Cerasi Eurasiers
Home Victoria, BC Canada Website:
Paul & Margaret Knight
Home Hamilton ON Canada Home Phone: (905) 772-3415 Website:
Judi Neumeyer
Home Surrey BC Canada Home Phone: (604)575-8001 Website:
Johanne Parent
Eurasia, Fincaribou
Home Asbestos QC Canada Home Phone: (819) 452-3647 Website:


Laureen Little
Bar TT Entlebuchers
Home Bergen AB Canada Home Phone: (403) 638-1282 or (403) 650-4909 or (928) 963-1661 ( Oct-Apr) Website:


Peter Archer
Winfarthing Reg’d
Home Elmvale ON Canada Home Phone: (705) 322-2445

Finnish Lapphund

Johanne Parent
Eurasia, Fincaribou
Home Asbestos QC Canada Home Phone: (819) 452-3647 Website:
Dr. Nicole Prokopishyn
Leeza Friedman-ProkopishynBearspaw Reg’d
Home Calgary AB Canada Home Phone: (403) 861-1227 Website:

Flat Coated Retriever

Linda Brox
Rush reg’d
Home Cambridge, ON Canada Home Phone: 519 220-1374
Pat Robertson
DueNorth Reg’d
Home Peterborough ON Canada Home Phone: (705) 652-0682 Website:
Doug Windsor
Wendy SchiraButterblac Perm Reg’d
Home Cambridge ON Canada Home Phone: (519) 653-8978 Website:

Fox terrier Wire

Nancy Ball
Home Bradford ON Canada Home Phone: 1-905-775-7458

French Bulldog

Sara Bodden
Lush reg’d
Home Hamilton,ON Canada Home Phone: 905 912-4472 Website:
Brenda Burggraf
Home Kawartha Lakes ON Canada Home Phone: 1-647-403-2639 Website:
Brenda Comeau-Watson
Force Majeure Reg’d
Home Grey Highlands ON Canada Home Phone: 416-937-0828
Sylvia Da Silva
Home Prince George BC Canada Home Phone: (250)964-1146
Brenda Jackson
Home Stratford ON Canada Home Phone: (519)801-5290
Linda Maingot
El Torro Reg’d
Home Guelph ON Canada Home Phone: (519)763-2786 Website:
Pam & Tom McClintock
Shatrugo Perm. Reg’d
Home Fonthill ON Canada Home Phone: (905) 732-8697 Website:
Yvonne Poire
Fullofbull Reg’d
Home Kitchener ON Canada Home Phone: (226) 988-1058 Website:
Paula Roberts
Windridge Perm Reg’d
Home Truro NS Canada Home Phone: (902) 977-1355
Richard Rockford
Home Kleinburg ON Canada Home Phone: (416) 277-2429 Website:
Diane Rusnak
Home Tillsonburg ON Canada Home Phone: (519) 409-0950 Website:
Jane Sheppard-Stewart
Jayron Reg’d
Home Peterborough ON Canada Home Phone: (705) 760-3622 Website:
Sophie St-Amour
Di Oro
Home Bromont QC Canada Home Phone: (450) 263-1239 Website:

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