Chinese Crested

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Temperament: Happy, affectionate and playful. Sensitive to their owner’s emotions, and can be shy with new people or situations.


  • Hairless: Hair on head, feet and tail
  • Powderpuff: Non-shedding silky coat, can grow long or be clipped.

Height: 9-13″

Weight: No more than 12lbs

Colour: All colours or combination of colours are acceptable. Typically, Hairless are slate (greyish) with white feet, palomino (peachy-brown), black & white, black, dark brown. Powderpuffs are commonly white, cream, black, brown, grey, light reddish brown, or a combination of colours. Noses can come in black, pink, peach, chocolate brown, or blue (grey).

Skin and Coat Care: The hairless need a bath once a week to keep their skin clean and free of dust and dirt. They tan in summer and get pale in winter, so their skin must be protected in spring when they are beginning to get their tan, although as with human skin, once they are tanned there is no further need for protection. Suntan lotions or heavy creams are not recommended since they can attract dirt and clog pores. A light cotton t-shirt and controlled exposure to the sun is advised. Note: dogs with white or very light skin, called pink spotted, will not tan, their skin must be protected from the sun at all times. In cold weather, the hairless variety should wear protective coats when outside. The powderpuff has a double coat of soft and silky hair.  Long thin guard hairs cover the shorter silky undercoat. If the powderpuff coat is kept longer, daily brushing is recommended. They can also be clipped in a puppy or pony cut, which requires less attention.

Food: Good quality kibble with average protein and fat. May use raw or home cooked. Daily vitamins and supplements may be given but not required.

Housebreaking: Be consistent! Chinese Cresteds can be trained to go outside or use potty pads.

Crate Training: Recommended from puppyhood and for safe travel.

Basic Obedience: Early training essential for socialization, must be gentle methods. This breed can excel in obedience, rally, agility, lure coursing, barn hunt and other dog sports.

Exercise: Daily walks, or running and playing in a secured yard. This breed can run very fast and may chase small animals, cats, squirrels, birds etc. They are also happy cuddling on the couch.

© Hélène Bélanger
© Hélène Bélanger
Interested puppy purchasers are encouraged to inquire about health clearances and can expect to receive detailed, honest information from responsible breeders.