English Cocker Spaniel

History and origin: developed in England and early crosses might have used Welsh and English Springers. Spaniels were a group of hunting dogs 500 years ago. In 19th century, divisions were made based on size and spaniel types were separated by weight. The English cocker was bred to hunt woodcock thusly the name. Capable of flushing quarry in dense undergrowth and strong enough to retrieve birds and small game.  

General Appearance: the smallest gun dog, sturdy, compact and cobby, substantially built, an active, enthusiastic hunting dog.  Head and muzzle equal lengths.  Long ears, set low. Eyes soft, dark brown, oval or almond shaped. May be hazel in lighter coat colours.  Expression is very important. Nose has wide open nostrils for scenting ability. Black or liver depending on coat colour.  Teeth scissor bite. Size: males 16-17 inches 29-34 lbs  Females 15-16 inches 26-32 lbs

Coat and Colour:Particolours are white with black, liver or shades of red or orange. Colour patches may be solid, ticked, or roaned. White with black mixed hairs is blue roan. May also be solid black, liver, red or gold or black and tan or liver and tan. Silky flat hair with undercoat, medium length, furnishings on legs. Coat will require regular brushing.

Feeding: a hearty eater on either a balanced high end kibble or raw diet.

Training and Obedience: the English Cocker lives to please and is easily trained in a variety of canine sports including obedience, agility, rally, scent detection and field tests. Intelligent and happy worker. Excels as a hunting dog. Quiet breed. Does not bark while hunting.      

Activity: An active merry little dog, always keen and alert, ready for action. Walks on leash or chasing a ball in a secure fenced area will keep him fit. Tail never stops. Not a fence jumper or compulsive digger.  

Temperament: ideal breed that loves children, reacts well around other dogs and is generally a soft and sweet addition to a reasonably active family. Loyal and loving companion. Loveable and charming little dog.    

Interested puppy purchasers are encouraged to inquire about health clearances and can expect to receive detailed, honest information from responsible breeders.