German Shorthaired Pointer

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Origin: A medium sized bird-dog, originally bred to point upland birds and small game for the foot hunter. The GSP makes an excellent companion to the active family.

Height: Males are 23 to 25″. Females are 21 to 23″

Weight: Males weighing from 55-70lbs. Females weighing from 45-60lbs.

Coat: A GSP’s coat is short and thick and feels tough to the hand.

Colour: The coat may be solid liver or a combination of liver and white such as liver and white ticked, liver patched and white ticked, or liver roan.

Grooming: Nails require occasional trimming. Routine dental checkups will keep their teeth clean, and the occasional coat brushing. The GSP does not require much grooming.

Exercise: The shorthair is a very active breed, which requires either lengthy leash walks, or off-leash play in a safe, supervised area. They make great companions for runners, hikers, and bikers, but also enjoy their down-time as well.

Food: The GSP is a generally food motivated breed, which thrives on a quality diet.

Temperament: The Shorthair is friendly, intelligent, and willing to please.

Crate Training: Strongly recommended for safety, especially for travel in a vehicle.

Basic Obedience: Because of their active nature, desire to please their owners, and intelligence, the GSP makes an excellent sport dog, and excels in all venues of obedience and performance sports.

© Nancibeth Koutstaal
© Nancibeth Koutstaal
Interested puppy purchasers are encouraged to inquire about health clearances and can expect to receive detailed, honest information from responsible breeders.