Guelph KC and Matisse

April 22nd, 2015 by

guelpg booth 3

guelph showWe were honoured  at the Guelph KC show to have   in our FTLOPD  booth, the wonderful Matisse. What a fabulous Portuguese Water  Dog  and such a pleasure to have a beautiful purebred dog such as this as our poster child  at that show.  Matisse has the temperament of an angel and is an excellent ambassador for  purebred dogs and for our initiative. Many thanks to breeder/owner Donna Gottdenker for allowing us the pleasure of his company. We were able to help several folks to  choose a purebred and in so doing they made contacts to find the breed that would be the perfect fit for themselves and their family.  One small step for breeders,  one giant step for purebred dogs.
guelph show..Matisse