How will the CKC shutting down its current computer system affect you?

September 23rd, 2019 by

You have a litter due in a few weeks right at the time of the shut down….How do you get your litter registered.  Or perhaps you have a young litter ready for their new homes in early October  and you wish to submit all registrations as a cost saving measure. How will that play out for you. Your new import is ready to be shown but you do not have the correct papers yet. A listed dog must be registered within 30 days of first entry but the department will  be down for an extended period and even when back up and running there will be a heavy volume of back logged material needing  registrations and shows and trials attention.   You are showing a US dog and only require an ERN. How is that possible during the ‘strike’. Current listing fees are approx. $10.00 per day. If an ERN is unobtainable, those listing fees while the dog is attending events will amount to many many unnecessary dollars spent  to enter CKC events. All these questions and more besides, casts a cloud of apprehension over exhibitors, both member and non member. Will you be one  of those affected by this change over.  Change and progress often comes at a price. Stay calm amidst the strife and turmoil. It will hopefully come to a logical conclusion that will be in all our best interests.