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Origin: The Mastiff, also known as The Olde English Mastiff or English Mastiff, is one of the older breeds of dogs, with an extremely varied past. One of the earliest depictions of a Mastiff type dog can be seen on Assyrian bas-reliefs, dating as far back as 2200 B.C. Large/giant dogs developed in many parts of the world, and were prized for their strength, courage and size. These dogs were used for war, shepherding, guarding, hunting, bull and bear baiting and hauling.

Height: Males 30 – 34″, female  27.5 – 31″

Weight: Males 180-240lbs. Females 150-210lbs.

Colour: Fawn, apricot and brindle – all with black ears and mask.

Feeding and Diet: While growing they do eat quite a bit, but as they mature the amount levels out to the point that they do not eat much more than a mid-sized dog.

Grooming: Grooming is a snap with their short double coat. The only other grooming needs are nails, eyes and ears on a weekly basis to keep trim and clean.

Training & Obedience: Obedience is a must as they tend to have a stubborn streak. They use their size to their advantage. Try making a 100lb 6 mo old puppy do as you ask! So get started on obedience right away!

This breed is most often characterized as a couch potato, but they can be very active. It is advisable to wait for any strenuous activity until the bones have calcified, (minimum 18 months of age). And just like any athlete, they should be gradually built up to accommodate your lifestyle. They can most certainly pull weights and carts; go hiking; tracking, etc. Mastiffs can live quite comfortably on a large acreage or in a small apartment. What is important is that they are socialized, have contact with their family, and are exercised on a daily basis to keep them trim and healthy.

© Bev Molloy
© Bev Molloy
Interested puppy purchasers are encouraged to inquire about health clearances and can expect to receive detailed, honest information from responsible breeders.