Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

© Kathy Adorjan

General description:  Medium sized hunting breed developed in Nova Scotia, Canada.  The tolling dog runs, jumps, and plays along the shoreline in full view of a flock of ducks, occasionally disappearing from sight and then quickly reappearing, aided by the hidden hunter, who throws small sticks or a ball for the dog. The dog’s playful actions lure the curious ducks within gunshot range. The dog is then sent to retrieve the downed bird.  They are the smallest of the Retriever breeds.

Temperament: Tollers, when raised and socialized properly, are excellent with children and can adapt well to living with other pets.  They tend to be “aloof” with strangers and save their true enthusiasm for family members.  They should never be aggressive and not overly shy.  They are the mischievous imps of the Retriever world!

Height: Males 18-21″ Females 17-20″

Weight: 35-45lbs

Colour:  Varying shades of red and orange with or without white markings on the face, feet, chest and tail tip

Coat:  Medium coated, occasional brushing, moderate shedding.  Ears and feet may require neatening.

Feeding: High quality kibble diet or raw

Activity level: High energy, like to be kept busy both physically and mentally.  Obedience classes are a must.  Ideal for field work/hunting, agility, obedience etc. Tollers have a good “off switch” so they are not constantly on the go, but if you’re up for it they will retrieve a ball for you until your arm falls off! Highly trainable and intelligent.  Excellent swimmers, ideal cottage companions.

© Kathy Adorjan
© Kathy Adorjan
Interested puppy purchasers are encouraged to inquire about health clearances and can expect to receive detailed, honest information from responsible breeders.