History and origin: An ancient breed originating in China, and dating back to the Han Dynasty. Valued as a companion to the Buddhist monks in the monasteries of Tibet and as cherished companions to Chinese emperors. Chinese breeders deliberately bred them to have facial wrinkles, even in a preferred pattern. In time, the breed moved from China to Japan, Russia, Europe and eventually England. Wherever it lived, it was revered as the consummate companion and was spoiled and protected. Through the years many notables from scholars, artists and royalty, have owned the little Pug, making it one of the most extraordinary family pets and true to its origins as a consummate and reliable friend. Accepted by AKC in 1885.

General Appearance: Blocky, stout, compact, square body. Well muscled. Short level back.  Tightly curled tail over the hip.  Short muzzle and blunt short massive head. Preferred button ear lies close to skull.  Eyes are round, dark, somewhat prominent, and lustrous. Coat is short.  ( Multum in Parvo) latin phrase meaning much in little. Weight: 14-18 pounds. 

Coat and Colour: only acceptable colours are fawn and black.  In the fawn colour the mask, facial markings, diamond shape on head, ears, and trace line (a dark line extending from the head down neck and back to tail) should be as black as possible. The coat is short, soft and glossy. An easy care coat but should be brushed regularly. Wrinkles on face require frequent care. Pugs shed continuously. 

Feeding: A quality kibble fed twice daily should be adequate. Pugs are typically excellent eaters and so care must be taken to keep them in a good healthy weight.

Training and obedience: The pug is intelligent, adaptable and enjoys learning new things. Training needs to be consistent and fair and treat rewards work well. This breed can excel in many dog sports including obedience, rally and agility. 

Activity: Daily walks are essential. However, the Pug does not need to walk miles or run marathons. Hot weather exercise should be limited.

Temperament: Playful, fun loving, gregarious, trust worthy and devoted.  Great lap dog and family companion. Loves children and other pets. Perfectly suited to apartment living. A delightful breed, the Pug is even tempered and affectionate.     

Interested puppy purchasers are encouraged to inquire about health clearances and can expect to receive detailed, honest information from responsible breeders.