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Why Have A Show Dog?

There are lots of reasons why you might like to show your dog.

  • Show off what a fabulous dog you have
    The showing process compares your dog with other dogs, which can convince other people what a fabulous dog you have. The show ring wins are considered a measurement of the dogs’ quality and therefore his or her addition to a breeding program which translates to the betterment of a breed.
  • Get to know your breed
    You will learn a lot about your breed from talking to (and commiserating with) other breed owners.
  • Meet people with the same interests
    All of the people at the dog show will have one thing in common. They like to show off their dogs. As a source of information and camaraderie, they can’t be beat.
  • A lifetime hobby
    It is a fun and competitive hobby. It is not as expensive as some hobbies, and working with a live animal is extra fun!!
  • See the country
    Depending on how much you want to travel, shows are a good way to see the country.
  • Build a bond
    Showing your dog builds a close bond between you and your dog. Both of you learn to rely on each other. You tell him what to do, and he learns to show how he is the best dog entered. A good handling class with a knowledgeable instructor is always a strong recommendation before entering the ring with your dog.
  • Last, but not least, an important reason for showing your dog:
    It is a fun thing to do. No dog will win at every show. Depending on the judge, the dog, and the day, you might go home a winner, or you might go home with just memories. Win or lose though, you still take home a good friend. Dog showing can be a great family sport. Each member of the family can have some meaningful task in showing: brushing, walking, handling or just applauding their dog while he’s in the ring. The kids might show him in the Junior Handler category, while Mum or Dad can show him in regular classes. Just have fun!!!

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