Springing forward for Purebred Dogs

March 23rd, 2015 by

Finally we can all sense that spring is just around the corner. Well,  at least here in Ontario. My maritime friends likely feel differently. I am excited to share with you that our purebred dog initiative is off to a flying start. We presented our initiative at 7 show days  in February.

In March we have already presented our booth at the Scarborough Kennel Club show on March 13-15.   At this event,  a large group of college students from an animal care program were in attendance. The students, who  attend a  local community college, were greeted and allowed the opportunity to meet many purebreds and interact with them and their breeders,  owners and handlers.  It was a remarkable day, the dogs were outstandingly gracious and the students were enthralled. Our hope is to be able to offer more tours of this type at our shows across the country. What better way to spread the word about purpose bred  dogs, than to impressionable, fresh, enthusiastic young adults who will hopefully carry our purebred message into their homes, schools  and communities.  Further in March,  our booth will be present at the Nickel District Kennel Club in Sudbury, Ontario  and at the Northwinds Dog Club in Manitoba. We are springing forward into spring with a great sense of purpose and  determination.  This is a promising time of year that offers  renewed hope that together we can make  a difference for our purebred dogs. Thank you to all who support and believe in this project.