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Miniature Poodle

History and origin: The poodle is one of the oldest pure bred dogs, its origin is thought to be France by many, but is actually Germany. Despite their looks they come from a line of hard working sporting dogs. The name poodle came from the German Pudelhund or Pudel ( which in English means “puddle” ) meaning “to splash about”, and the word Hund in German means “dog”. The Poodle was extremely popular in France making them their national breed. Their original purpose was a retriever or “gun dog” and are still used by hunters today. In France the breed was also named “chien canard or caniche” also indicating its duck hunting qualities. While the Poodle was mostly known for being a water retriever they were also used as truffle hunters, guide dogs, guard dogs, military dogs, circus performer and wagon pullers. Making them a truly versatile breed and spiking their popularity.

General Appearance: The Poodle’s body type is a reflection of its athletic roots. The square-proportioned Poodle has a graceful appearance and a proud carriage. Its gait is springy, effortless, and light.

Height: 11 to 15 inches Weight: 12 to 20 pounds

Coat and Colour: Miniature Poodles can come in any solid colour, Apricot, Black, Blue, Brown, Cream, Red, Silver, Silver Beige, White and combination coat colours, such as black and white or other non solid coat colours. The coat is dense, curly, and harsh; this coat is water resistant, and if corded, it hangs tight. Poodles have webbed feet to assist them in swimming. Traditionally the clips were used for ornamental and functional purposes. The Puppy Clip, Continental, and English saddle, are the types of acceptable clips for Show Poodles. The coat can also be shaved into a functional “Historic” Continental clip used when they were hunting to protect vital organs, provide buoyancy and help the dog to paddle through the water and turn. Poodles are often called hypo allergenic dogs. No dog is truly hypo allergenic; all dogs have dander which is the protein responsible for allergic reactions. Poodles as well as some other breeds shed much less dander than other breeds so people with allergies may tolerate a poodle in their lives. If you have allergies or someone in the family does, keeping your poodle bathed on a regular basis will help to keep the dander away and minimize allergic reactions.

Temperament and Trainability: Poodles are a highly intelligent, easily trainable breed who have a good-nature. They are adaptable and loving. Poodles make excellent companions, they are good with children, other dogs and cats. Crate training is recommended for young puppies, as is a basic obedience class. Poodles excel at obedience, and agility. There are poodle representatives in most dog sports as well as service/therapy dogs. They make excellent travel and activity buddies: a truly versatile breed that adapts easily to whatever life brings.

Energy and Exercise: Miniature Poodles require just as much exercise as any other active breed of dog. Poodles require a lot of socialization and interaction with humans, as well as physical and mental exercise. A short and challenging play or obedience session, in addition to a walk, is required every day, although, poodles should not be allowed to live outdoors. They like nothing better than to spend the evening, snuggled beside you on the couch.

Grooming: Poodles do not shed however their hair does fall out just like ours. Sso when a poodle’s hair does fall out it gets trapped in the adjoining hair, causing matting. Therefore, it should be removed at all costs. This can be done by taking your poodle for a haircut, which should be done once every four to six weeks minimum, by a professional pet groomer. They should also be brushed out at home every week to make sure that the matting does not get severe. Trimming toenails and cleaning ears are important regular grooming tasks in this breed. You can also learn to groom your own poodle; books and online resources are available for learning.

Feeding: Poodles do best on raw/ homemade dog food or high-quality kibble from a variety of protein sources. Omega additives add beneficial oils and fats that enhance the coat and general health.

Interested puppy purchasers are encouraged to inquire about health clearances and can expect to receive detailed, honest information from responsible breeders.


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Waiting patiently for the kinks to be ironed out so that the member portals will be ready to roll. Computers are a wonderful thing in this day and age but only when they work to our advantage:-) Having just struggled through the process of initiating a new domain and so on, it is nerve racking and difficult to comprehend everything when one is not really computer savvy. Hopefully the new system will be up and running soon.

How will the CKC shutting down its current computer system affect you?

September 23rd, 2019 by

You have a litter due in a few weeks right at the time of the shut down….How do you get your litter registered.  Or perhaps you have a young litter ready for their new homes in early October  and you wish to submit all registrations as a cost saving measure. How will that play out for you. Your new import is ready to be shown but you do not have the correct papers yet. A listed dog must be registered within 30 days of first entry but the department will  be down for an extended period and even when back up and running there will be a heavy volume of back logged material needing  registrations and shows and trials attention.   You are showing a US dog and only require an ERN. How is that possible during the ‘strike’. Current listing fees are approx. $10.00 per day. If an ERN is unobtainable, those listing fees while the dog is attending events will amount to many many unnecessary dollars spent  to enter CKC events. All these questions and more besides, casts a cloud of apprehension over exhibitors, both member and non member. Will you be one  of those affected by this change over.  Change and progress often comes at a price. Stay calm amidst the strife and turmoil. It will hopefully come to a logical conclusion that will be in all our best interests.

Strange illness affecting dogs in Norway

September 18th, 2019 by

Sept 18/19

In recent days a strange illness has affected many dogs in Norway with multiple deaths occurring. The illness presents much like parvo virus, but as yet it has not been determined if this is viral in origin or environmental. or even if it is contagious. Affected dogs fall ill rapidly with severe hemorrhagic diarrhea. The Norway kennel club and health organization has suspended all shows and team travel to other FCI countries. It is strongly recommended to use due diligence if visiting Norway or importing dogs from there. Since neighbouring countries may already have experienced traveling with their dogs to Norway before the alarm was issued , it is suspect that this unknown illness may have traveled further afield. The recommendation would be to exercise extreme caution if travelling, showing or judging in adjacent areas to Norway, until this illness is identified and appropriate medications and treatment can hopefully counter act its devastating affects.

FTLOPD Website

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Very proud of our website:    easy to navigate with useful and detailed information for the potential puppy buyer. Dog photos are beautiful and the written profile with each breed assists the buyer in understanding more about a breed from the very people who own, nurture and protect them!!  The dog photos are FTLOPD member photos of their own dogs that they have bred and own. Such a proud standard of excellence in this site,  all compiled and maintained by member Kate Barnett.

Our day at the University of Guelph….. College Royal

April 8th, 2019 by

This is long about our day at the University of Guelph..

Firstly I wish to say that I met some absolutely fabulous students, animal lovers and purebred dog fanciers . If these young folks are any indication , our purebred  future is in good hands. Intelligent, articulate,  sensible and dedicated, my conversations with them were delightful and they were super charged with passion and dedication.
I’ve listed some interesting negatives, but also want you to know that I believe we did positively assist many families.
The collars, frisbees and bandanas ( thank you Purina) were a hit, (freebies are fun) the kids loved the candy bowl and the handouts were helpful as well as the business cards.
These are my some of my thoughts and experiences regarding the Guelph University dog show event…..firstly it isn’t a dog show in the sense that most of us would consider a dog show, as it is an obedience event. Students obedience train a donated dog for 8 weeks and then compete on the weekend of College Royal. The premise is excellent as it teaches student handlers to develop team work, focus and just love and respect for a dog. The ‘show’ is well attended by spectators and the seating area was always filled. It was our first time attending and the organizer that I worked with gave me explicit directions to the location and on arrival the area for our display was clearly marked with adequate table space and lots of chairs. Our table was right at the entrance, where there was high traffic area.
And now to the difficult part:
I would say that close to 50 % of the visitors to our booth were either doodle owners or were going to purchase one. Berndoodles, Labradoodles and golden doodles were the big order of the day. One really nice man was purchasing a berndoodle because he was sure it would be allergy free and non shedding since it was a second generation breeding and therefore those issues were vastly reduced. He had previously owned a Logotto and had also researched Barbets and PWD?? There was no convincing him to alter his thinking. The designer breeder had infiltrated his mind so well with hybrid detail that he was convinced.
A lovely lady admitted to purchasing a Morkie that she saw in a pet store window because it looked so sad. Price tag: $1400.00……Even though she had previously owned a Bichon and preferred that breed.
A really tough conversation for me was the nice lady whose Newf/ St Bernard cross bitch was in the show. She came to the table to ask about feeding regimens and the talk switched to breeding. She was contemplating breeding her to either a Newf or a St Bernard because somehow that would make the pups better. I carefully suggested that perhaps she might like to rethink the breeding idea at which point she bristled slightly, commenting it was her dog and she could do as she liked. There was no further way that I could warn her of the 10 possible pups, the magnjtude of food needed and the mountains of poop, nor the expense of vaccines and the need for homes nor the time and space required to raise a litter and the horrendous cost of vet care if there were whelping complications. It was another lost opportunity to save this lady from what might very likely be terrible heartbreak and tragedy.
And lastly and most astounding of the dozens of visitors to our booth:  Guelph UniversityTwo ladies passed by In the late afternoon, glanced at the material and signage, and one of them remarked something along the line of ‘so you are about purebreds’, then looked straight at me and said ‘I hate you’, I countered with ‘well I like you’ and she muttered again I hate you as she marched away. Oddly her friend turned back, whether from embarrassment or with a view to starting a further argument, asked us both if we watched Westminster, and then she too just simply turned and walked away.

Yes my friends, that was the ending to our day…….no chance for a rebuttal or defensive arguments or conversation. And In the several years that I have been representing us with the FTLOPD booth, that’s a new one!!!

Guelph University College Royal Dog Show

February 26th, 2019 by

The university of Guelph has invited us to present a display and offer our information about purebred dogs at their event being held at the university on  March 16/17,  2019.  I believe this to be a prime opportunity for presentation of our materials as well as being able to speak with visitors about dogs,  breeders,  and breeds suited for various life styles. Aside from the dogs that students have been preparing and training for this obedience event,  there will be no other dogs  allowed at the venue, so our ability to explain and promote our breeds will be solely ours. Purina has graciously offered a large collection of handout items that I am currently having screen printed . Among the many items are bandanas and shopping bags that will bear our logo. The organizers have promised us an ideal spot at the entrance door and are providing us with tables and chairs for our display. I think this promises to be a positive event and if we choose to participate again in another year, we may be able to have several of our purebreds for display. This a ‘free’ opportunity. There is no charge to us for the booth space, and I am delighted that we can have another chance  for our voice to be heard amidst the current mixed breed propaganda and looming laws  that might negatively impact our rights to breed and own and train our purebreds. If you can attend with me, please do. Our attendance is required only on  March 17,  9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  I will bring everything required for the display.

Xavier and Connie….a stunning team.. Top dog 2018

February 18th, 2019 by

Ch Krisma’s X Man First Class     aka Xavier

For those of us who have been immersed in the sport of purebred dogs for any length of time, we recognize the feeling of that one special dog that fills the eye and quickens the heart. It might be in the ring, in our own back yard, or even within the community. Wherever we find it, we are drawn to the exquisite beauty and historical relevance of such a creature. And so it was with Canada’s best dog of all breeds in 2018.

Xavier or X man, is a Kerry Blue Terrier, grand in all respects, from his typical blue/grey coat colouring, to his proper bodily construction and fiery determined attitude so befitting of the terrier breeds generally. This dog was discovered in the U.S. after some extensive searching by Marcel Bourgon, a long time Bichon Frise breeder. Marcel was deeply interested in finding a terrier to campaign in Canada and after due diligence and communication with a mutual contact, X Man would be the dog that Marcel would present to the Canadian fancy for 2018. The ‘deal’ was struck, proper documentation was signed for a Canadian co-ownership and Marcel became the primary owner. And so began the 2018 show scene.

Developing a plan, organizing a year long show career, choosing a gifted handler and maintaining a respectful and professional stance are challenging issues in an undertaking of this magnitude. Through it all: the country wide travel, the long hours, flight times, grooming essentials , the highs and lows of victory and defeat, and yes, even the dreaded ‘politics’, the one constant ray of sunshine was Xavier himself. He headed into each show each weekend as though it was his first. He faced each ring time with a brilliant determination fully certain that he alone was the chosen one.

He surged to multiple best in shows across Canada without hesitation. Connie, his handler, did not need to coax or cajole him into performing. He simply did, with the zest and competitive spirit of a true athlete. Powerful and magnificent in motion and outline, Xavier commanded attention. Throughout the year he exhibited the absolute joy of being a true show dog, always willing and enthusiastic. When relaxing at home with Connie, or on the road in a hotel room, he was the consummate pet enjoying the luxuries of romping playfully in the yard or sharing the bed. X Man represents our paramount expectation and ideals for the purebred dog, produced by a preservation breeder and promoted by his owners and handlers, they all being respected individuals who are captivated by and cherish the purebred dog in all its forms.

For The Love Of Purebred Dogs is proud to salute………

Xavier:   Canada’s Top Dog of all breeds for 2018     Ch Krisma’s X Man First Class and his talented handler and groomer extraordinaire, Connie Krohn

Owners: Marcel Bourgon, Lois Grier, Cheryl Kabarchuk

Bred by: Lois and Ted Grier and Jana Deaton48377612_10218068930696305_8612360291289661440_n

Towel Campaign

January 17th, 2019 by

Really pleased with the FTLOPD 2018 fall towel campaign. About 150 towels were sold coast to coast in Canada and many found their way to our US purebred fanciers as well. I am regularly seeing FB posts showing off these wonderfully bright and hugely promotional items. The large towels were co-designed with Shawn Bennett at CDF who also helped to sponsor the campaign. The small hand towels were an added feature and were a nice compliment at boosters and specialties. Thank you to everyone for participating. Ill be adding a new idea in the coming months and hope to continue the blog here as regularly as I can.FTLOPBD_towel (2)

December 20th, 2015 by

Being proud purebred dog breeders, we always strive to improve our chosen breed in all ways possible and yet retain the amazing, necessary, historical qualities as they were first developed by the original founders. Many of our breeds boast centuries of lineage, remarkable in both their indispensable performance for mankind and those intensely guarded traits that remain to this day.
As responsible breeders, it is our sole objective to continue to generate extraordinary soundness in mind and body, while producing dogs that conform to the written Canadian Kennel Club standard, otherwise known as the blueprint for the breed.
A purebred dog breeder must wear many hats, not the least of which is being a primary defender of their selected breed. Litters are carefully produced using all means available, which includes but not limited to continual ongoing genetic testing and necessary medical intervention, ensuring that each puppy starts its’ life as a thriving canine good citizen. Further, the careful choice of prospective owners who will continue to nurture and support their puppy and the breed throughout the life of the dog is paramount. This selection process can be demanding but is necessary in order to guarantee that our puppies are treasured and respected. As responsible breeders, we pledge that each and every puppy/dog that we sell can be returned to us, at any stage of their life, if the owner is unable or in any way reluctant to retain their dog. In this way, we can unequivocally declare that dogs produced by us cannot, nor should they, become wards of the rescue system. By maintaining a strict return policy, we can sustain our breed(s). This protector approach is employed by all responsible purebred breeders of distinction and is our assurance that our puppies and dogs are carefully and thoughtfully homed and cannot slip through the cracks into obscurity.
Educated promotion and protection are mandatory in preventing the innumerable homeless dogs that must be ‘rescued’ because no one cared. We take great pride in knowing that our puppies and dogs are safe and secure with their owners. If there is a breech in the contractual structure, then we are still confident that we make the correct choice for their continued life by insisting on return without judgment.
This is the true declaration of all responsible breeders. It is not considered lightly but rather is a profound and determined guarantee that our purebred dogs will have lifelong sanctuary in the care of a true and faithful human guardian. To do any less is not enough!!

Cool Weather and Hoodies

November 2nd, 2015 by

Very pleased to present our continuing line of merchandise in the form of hoodies just in time for the cool fall weather. These are made by Gildan, heavy weight, black with red lettering and red paw print on left chest. They are available in size small to 3x. Please see me for ordering details.Pictured are some of our members ‘modelling’ at the Wine Country show. m 12063428_10153361689242525_3138912002629417440_n[1]


Continuing Efforts

November 2nd, 2015 by

We continue our fall appearances and were pleased to be present at the Wine Country KC in Welland, On and at the Elgin County KC in London On. We also had a booth in Northern Ontario ( Sudbury)  at the Nickel District KC. Grateful to these clubs for inviting us to have  a booth at their shows. every little bit helps our cause and purebred dogs!!!

12088514_10156038113570198_8028289495759399535_n[1] 12118848_10153354384897525_8284661066496467382_n[1] Wine Country KC table and Banner12072589_10153367754882525_3685360938751285041_n[1] Elgin County KC12140550_10153357562542525_2194008936586398474_n[1]Nickel Dist KC table

FTLOPD and summer events!!

September 3rd, 2015 by

‘For The Love Of Purebred Dogs’ continued a busy summer in our efforts  to support, and protect  purebred dogs. As we advance our initiative, we will extend our areas of promotion to include events beyond conformation shows.  With that in mind,  we were pleased to be invited to share booth space with the St Catharines Kennel Club at Dog Fest in July, we were present at the Vancouver Island Exhibition with the Nanaimo Kennel Club in August and we will be at a fall fair in Sudbury in September,  as well as Pet Expo in Toronto, also in September. Gathering momentum like this will afford us the opportunity to extend our  educational resources to an even greater audience……..Many thanks to all the volunteers for helping our purebred dogs!! Here are some photos of our booth at recent summer events.

Kilbride KC (2) Kilbride KC

Dog Fest St Catharines Nanaimo KC and Vancouver Island Ex.

Moving Forward!!!!

July 8th, 2015 by

‘For The Love Of Purebred Dogs’  continues to move ever forward. I try to get the booth/ table at as many shows as possible   The clubs have been most gracious,  usually inviting us well in advance and supplying  a big banquet table for our handouts and other material. If an invite isn’t forthcoming usually an email to a club representative secures us a nice space at a conformation event. To date,  there have only been two stumbling blocks here in Ontario with a couple of clubs that didn’t see the necessity,  but  we did rectify that situation.   In the western part of Canada as well as in the Maritimes, and recently in NFLD,  we have had a major presence as well.  I am grateful to the hard working members who support this endeavour and make it viable in other areas of this vast country.   We are extending our area of promotion as much as we can and have already attended an outdoor triathalon meet at a large Hamilton High school here in southern Ontario and we will be in attendance at the London Canine Association show on July 10/11,12   On July 18,  I will take the booth to the Border Terrier Club of Ontario fun day, and on July 25 we will be  at Dog Fest along with the St. Catharines  & Dist KC. I am also working on having a table at a local Pet Valu here in my home town. and we plan on being at the Pet Expo at the Toronto International Centre on Sept 19/20. I thought you might enjoy seeing the latest promotional poster that was just recently completed.

FTLOPD Ad June 27 2015

One small step for dogs, a giant leap for purebreds!!

June 15th, 2015 by

For The Love Of Purebred Dogs continues to make giant strides forward as we attempt to promote purebred dogs across Canada and beyond. A very successful booth presentation was developed at the Dartmouth Kennel Club and South Shore Kennel Club in Nova Scotia as well as several shows across Ontario and the  Tyee KC  in BC.  May and June have and continue to be busy and exciting months. Our new line of promotional merchandise was launched in May which included totes,  hats,  aprons,  and  bumper stickers. And in June, new on the scene are our wonderful quality black tee shirts emblazoned with our red slogan. All of these  items have been well received. I can also make stickers for anyone wishing them.   These are  1 x 2 inch and there are 30 per page.  These are free for the asking, peel and stick,  and are suitable on letters, cards,  envelopes, stationary or anywhere you wish to do a little promoting of purebred dogs. Pictured are our bumper stickers and our latest table sign. The new sign was a compilation of many opinions and ideas about how best to promote our ideals while helping new buyers to  not be lured by designer dog breeders.

Purebred-Dog-Poster-Buyer-Beware-red-black-white-12-x-18-inches-web             bumper sticker 11 x 3

Oodles and oodles of mixed breeds and doodles

May 25th, 2015 by

‘For The Love Of Purebred Dogs’  was recently invited to Ancaster High School in Ancaster Ontario for a triathlon meet.  A student from the school had developed a  plan to promote purebred dogs in a peers leadership class. Here is our booth on competition day. It was a partly sunny,  partly cloudy day with a breeze so keeping the flyers and signs upright was a bit of a challenge. But our booth looked wonderful and attracted a lot of visitors.  Sadly, for us, most of the doggy discussion revolved around the mixed breed that our visitors owned at home that they had gotten from less than ideal sources. And wandering the school grounds with their owners who had come to  watch the participants were all sizes and colours  of doodle types.


New Venue…New Challenges

May 21st, 2015 by

Tomorrow,  May 22, the ‘For The Love Of Purebred Dogs’  booth  is adding a new experience  and hopefully a successful venture to its long list of  dates. The Zone 7 junior handling finalist, Stephanie Poot,  has managed through a peers learning class at her high school, to develop and  promote interest in purebred dogs. To that end and with teacher guidance,  Stephanie has gotten us  invited to a huge track and field event that is being held at her school. Several hundred spectators attend this annual  Tri-Athalon event and we are hoping that our booth will capture  some interest and that we can assist visitors with information about purebred dogs. I am taking the entire set up including our beautiful big sign ( hope it isn’t windy) along with all of our wonderful handouts and several table top posters as well as plenty of free items that have been graciously donated by Purina. There will be free magazines,  free slip leads,  key chains,  photos albums etc. If the weather is in our favour,  it should be a great day!!!!!


Launching of new merchandise

May 4th, 2015 by

We launched our new merchandise ( hats totes aprons)   at the Seaway Kennel club on the weekend of May 1-3.  Everyone was enthused and sales were hot hot hot!!!   My initial order was reservedly small until I was assured of the interest in the products.  But I can now say with certainty that  today I will be placing a second order to accommodate the next  wave of purchasers. pamhatmock

And I also have some other  ideas for  items that I think would be exciting and innovative. Stay tuned!!!!

‘For The Love Of Purebred Dogs’ supports junior handling.

April 24th, 2015 by

The hats, aprons and totes have arrived and  will be available for the first time at the Seaway show on May 1-3,  2015.   ‘For The Love of Purebred Dogs’  is proud to be able to donate totes for all junior handling participants in the zone finals being held at the Seaway show and we are  also donating an  apron to the winner of the zone finals  competition.  ‘For The  Love of Purebred Dogs’  takes pride in helping to support local Ontario junior handling.


11156309_10153023588297525_1953887515026875845_n[1] 11012760_10153023588247525_7839665360177858082_n[1] 10942416_10153023588367525_2118862835567517608_n[1]

Guelph KC and Matisse

April 22nd, 2015 by

guelpg booth 3

guelph showWe were honoured  at the Guelph KC show to have   in our FTLOPD  booth, the wonderful Matisse. What a fabulous Portuguese Water  Dog  and such a pleasure to have a beautiful purebred dog such as this as our poster child  at that show.  Matisse has the temperament of an angel and is an excellent ambassador for  purebred dogs and for our initiative. Many thanks to breeder/owner Donna Gottdenker for allowing us the pleasure of his company. We were able to help several folks to  choose a purebred and in so doing they made contacts to find the breed that would be the perfect fit for themselves and their family.  One small step for breeders,  one giant step for purebred dogs.
guelph show..Matisse

Now you can proudly wear our slogan!

April 16th, 2015 by

I am very excited to announce that we will shortly be introducing a line of accessories to better be able to advertise and promote our initiative. These include hats , grooming aprons and totes all bearing our very special slogan. We have been extremely fortunate to partner with Canadian Dog Fancier owner,  Shawn Bennett, a strong supporter and advocate for us and for purebred dogs. With his help I can now offer you these wonderful  products at reasonable prices,  all with a view to helping purebred dogs everywhere. I am hoping to soon have these items  for sale at our shows  in Ontario . Here are the items currently being offered.  Stay tuned for even more goodies as we proceed with our project across Canada.
pamaprontote pamhatmock tote

Springing forward for Purebred Dogs

March 23rd, 2015 by

Finally we can all sense that spring is just around the corner. Well,  at least here in Ontario. My maritime friends likely feel differently. I am excited to share with you that our purebred dog initiative is off to a flying start. We presented our initiative at 7 show days  in February.

In March we have already presented our booth at the Scarborough Kennel Club show on March 13-15.   At this event,  a large group of college students from an animal care program were in attendance. The students, who  attend a  local community college, were greeted and allowed the opportunity to meet many purebreds and interact with them and their breeders,  owners and handlers.  It was a remarkable day, the dogs were outstandingly gracious and the students were enthralled. Our hope is to be able to offer more tours of this type at our shows across the country. What better way to spread the word about purpose bred  dogs, than to impressionable, fresh, enthusiastic young adults who will hopefully carry our purebred message into their homes, schools  and communities.  Further in March,  our booth will be present at the Nickel District Kennel Club in Sudbury, Ontario  and at the Northwinds Dog Club in Manitoba. We are springing forward into spring with a great sense of purpose and  determination.  This is a promising time of year that offers  renewed hope that together we can make  a difference for our purebred dogs. Thank you to all who support and believe in this project.


How Does One ‘Pick A Puppy’

March 5th, 2015 by

We have argued, raged,  hashed,  and  rehashed a recent  CKC media blooper but the end result has placed the purebred dog and its dedicated breeders in  serious jeopardy.   What happens now is a concerted effort to try and fix that which was erroneously aired. But the horse is out and now the barn door is shut. We can choose to wallow in the anger and disappointment  and let it consume us,  or we can rise up out of the ashes of  doom and search for victory in other avenues.

“For The Love Of Purebred Dogs” and all of its determined assistants and followers are moving ever forward,  carefully,  in an ongoing effort to promote and protect the purebred dog.  Join us please as we make every attempt to overcome the recent hurdle placed in our way and jump through the hoops of  determination to continue to advance and celebrate our very special  purebred dogs.

Choosing a puppy isn’t  a whimsical waltz through the home of a breeder, romping with puppies and then moving on to the next  visitation as though it were a Saturday afternoon stroll through a car lot. We cannot kick the tires and peer under the hood.  Rather,  it is an educated, well thought out plan, encompassing a  detailed process, guided by incremental chunks of information,  each section being a lead in to the next until finally a breed has been chosen that will be the best fit for a single person or a family of four.

We can offer that information and guarantee it is delivered in a sound,  logical and protective way because we are experienced, savvy,  purebred dog breeders.  We volunteer our time to mentor and reach out to the public on a personal level, ever cognizant  of the fact that  promotion and education must be offered at the grass roots level, by dedicated passionate breeders who exemplify loyalty, honour, and  integrity.  HIREZ aabusiness card pam - front

Can you feel the pride?

February 26th, 2015 by

Our returning hero and his lady were present at the Woodstock and District Canine Association show on the weekend of Feb 20-22 . It was only just  mere hours since his stunning victory at Westminster Kennel Club  had thrust him into the spotlight and into the living rooms of millions of viewers. The WKC dog show is the second longest running sporting event in the US,  second only to the Kentucky derby.  In an effort to  recognize the world class event,   and our Canadian handler, the judges at the Woodstock show very graciously interrupted their Friday ring schedules  so that William Alexander could be presented to his friends and peers amidst  a standing ovation.

William piloted the lovely  15 inch Beagle,  fondly known  as Miss ‘P’ to  Best in Show  at this most prestigious dog show. Requesting a short speech,  William graciously acknowledged the accolades and in true sportsman style admitted that the win and the surrounding media attention was still surreal.  He humbly acknowledged everyone for their support and it was very evident that he still struggled with the enormity of winning such a huge event in the sport of dogs. We are all so very proud of the Canadian  breeders and  owners of Miss P and especially to Will for making Canada a proud purebred dog nation at one of the world’s most renowned dog shows.

‘For The Love Of Purebred Dogs’  is a Canada wide initiative,  by purebred dog enthusiasts promoting the benefits of purebred dog ownership.  Will and Miss ‘P’  have made a huge contribution to that effort with this victory and in the ensuing  media coverage which placed the beautiful beagle front and centre, owning the spotlight for all purebreds  in Canada and across the world!!Will and Miss P

Getting Started, Joining Together

February 19th, 2015 by

four different purebred dogsFOR THE LOVE OF PUREBRED DOGS

Recently a group of concerned individuals joined together to better endorse and capture the essence of the purebred dog in all ways possible through promotion, protection and education, with a desire to fortify the status of the purebred dog across Canada.

This small group of advocates was alarmed by the current lack of support and safeguarding of the purebred dog and developed a concerted effort to extend an initiative to other like minded breeders, owners and handlers whereby the purebred would be sanctioned fully at Canadian Kennel Club licensed dog shows across the country and in the community.

To that end, and with the blessing of many clubs, with more contributing regularly, the initiative has spread from coast to coast.

Any club member of any kennel club in Canada is welcome to present the initiative at their shows. Only a table is needed for provided handouts, a few assistants, a welcoming presence for spectators, and roving ambassadors who are willing to circulate throughout the show day providing information, seating at ringside and answering any and all questions pertaining to purebred dogs. A meet and greet of various purebreds is an excellent way to sponsor purebreds generally and breeds specifically. The excitement of this initiative has been contagious, and in a very short time purebred dog owners have rallied to this long overdue cause and an idea has been borne and acted upon with amazing eagerness and enthusiasm.

We have developed a vast array of educational handouts, a  beautiful PowerPoint presentation, a stunning sign, a logo, a website,  business cards,  and our defining title. Each club that presents the initiative has a flyer developed for them that they can distribute in the area of their show. Anyone who wishes to be a part of this enterprise is welcome. We take pride in presenting our dogs and our experience to spectators, providing educational opportunity, and being a part of the sport of purebred dogs in Canada.

Please join us through Facebook or Twitter, For The Love Of Purebred Dogs.  Website: