Strange illness affecting dogs in Norway

September 18th, 2019 by

Sept 18/19

In recent days a strange illness has affected many dogs in Norway with multiple deaths occurring. The illness presents much like parvo virus, but as yet it has not been determined if this is viral in origin or environmental. or even if it is contagious. Affected dogs fall ill rapidly with severe hemorrhagic diarrhea. The Norway kennel club and health organization has suspended all shows and team travel to other FCI countries. It is strongly recommended to use due diligence if visiting Norway or importing dogs from there. Since neighbouring countries may already have experienced traveling with their dogs to Norway before the alarm was issued , it is suspect that this unknown illness may have traveled further afield. The recommendation would be to exercise extreme caution if travelling, showing or judging in adjacent areas to Norway, until this illness is identified and appropriate medications and treatment can hopefully counter act its devastating affects.