Guelph University College Royal Dog Show

February 26th, 2019 by

The university of Guelph has invited us to present a display and offer our information about purebred dogs at their event being held at the university on  March 16/17,  2019.  I believe this to be a prime opportunity for presentation of our materials as well as being able to speak with visitors about dogs,  breeders,  and breeds suited for various life styles. Aside from the dogs that students have been preparing and training for this obedience event,  there will be no other dogs  allowed at the venue, so our ability to explain and promote our breeds will be solely ours. Purina has graciously offered a large collection of handout items that I am currently having screen printed . Among the many items are bandanas and shopping bags that will bear our logo. The organizers have promised us an ideal spot at the entrance door and are providing us with tables and chairs for our display. I think this promises to be a positive event and if we choose to participate again in another year, we may be able to have several of our purebreds for display. This a ‘free’ opportunity. There is no charge to us for the booth space, and I am delighted that we can have another chance  for our voice to be heard amidst the current mixed breed propaganda and looming laws  that might negatively impact our rights to breed and own and train our purebreds. If you can attend with me, please do. Our attendance is required only on  March 17,  9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  I will bring everything required for the display.