Origin: Japan. Developed as a hunting dog in the rugged mountain region of northern Japan. May have a history dating back thousands of years with ties to ancient primitive breeds of China, Korea, and various other Asian countries.

General Appearance: large and powerful, much substance and heavy bone. Broad head is a blunt triangle. Small triangular eyes. Small erect triangular ears, with slightly rounded tips are slanted forward in a line with the back of neck. Large, heavily coated, curled tail over back with tip reaching down flank.

Height: Males are26-28″,  Females 24-26″

Coat: Double coated, thick undercoat with slightly harsher top coat. Does shed some at all times and one to times a year will blow coat completely.

Colour: Any colour including white , brindle or pinto ( splashes of colour)

Temperament: Independent, alert, aloof, courageous. Should not be shy. Might be intolerant of other dogs. Early authority by the owner is essential. Does not bark. Very loyal family dog.

Activity: Does not require miles of daily exercise. A daily walk is fine. Can jump, so adequate fencing is essential. Love to dig. Protect from extreme high temps in summer. Can tolerate cold winter weather well.

Diet: Any quality kibble is fine. Generally are hearty eaters. Should be fed twice daily.

Crate Training: Essential from puppy hood and encourage crate access throughout life of the dog.

Obedience Training: Strong willed dog, does not excel in performance events. A dedicated owner must have skills to match dominant personality.

Interested puppy purchasers are encouraged to inquire about health clearances and can expect to receive detailed, honest information from responsible breeders.