Blankets and Winter Wear

January 27th, 2021 by

This past year and certainly this winter season has been anything but normal. We watched in fear as the pandemic surged in the fall of 2020 and only a few outdoor shows were able to be held here in Ontario with a vast array of cautions and protocols in place to protect exhibitors. But it was that surge of hope that was needed with just those few shows being offered and executed nearly flawlessly. Still, our Christmas joys and visits had to be curtailed as the virus continued to spread. Now here we are in the dead of winter, locked down and able to venture out only for essentials. In the midst of all this, I offered some new promotional items that I believe gave some degree of normalcy and just a teensy bit of excitement. The winter wear consisted of scarves, toques, and beanies bearing our logo in bright red and the stadium blankets are just lovely, a generous 50x 60 inches, fleece lined with a heavy outer shell, cozy and warm for those long cold nights ahead. The logo is big and bright.

And our masks are a staple. To date I believe I have mailed about 650 masks to all parts of our great country and into the US. How wonderful to see my peeps wearing them at the fall shows as well as at specialties in the US and even on the Florida circuit. I am overwhelmed by everyone’s generosity and support of this really necessary initiative. And it continues, as I update our beautiful website from time to time and manage our educational fb group. You are all a terrific and resourceful group of purebred advocates and I love the pleasure of your company. We can prevail and we will together!!!