German Pinscher

History and Origin: A German breed with unknown beginnings. Often kept as stable dogs, carriage dogs and ratters.  Originally there were two coat types, rough and smooth that split off and eventually the rough haired became the Standard schnauzer. In 1885 five varieties of Pinchers existed, which included the rough and smooth Miniature Pincher, the Affenpinscher and German Pinscher.  After the great wars, breed was nearly lost. Werner Jung is credited with saving the breed by taking a breeding female from East Germany.  Recognized by AKC in 2003.

General Appearance: medium sized, sleek, cropped or uncropped ears, docked or undocked tail, long legs, square body, muscular, strong head with blunt muzzle, nose black or shades of brown depending on coat colour , eyes dark, medium sized, oval, full dentition with scissors bite, topline not totally straight but very gently curving to rump area, arched elegant neck with tight skin at throat.  Height: 17-20 inches     weight: 25-45 pounds. This is NOT  a miniature Doberman

Coat and Colour: solid: brown in various shades to stag red. Bi-coloured: Black with tan markings that should be a rich and dark.  Coat requires little maintenance. Bathe when needed.  Brush weekly.  Keep nails short and clean ears regularly.

Feeding: easily maintained on a quality kibble or raw,  fed twice daily.  

Training and Obedience: a smart breed that learns quickly. Will excel in many types of performance sports including obedience, rally, agility, dock diving, sprinter, barn hunt, just to name a few.

Activity: An active upbeat breed that will prefer daily walks or runs in a fenced area. The breed needs to be kept busy physically and mentally.  A hard no to dog parks.  May be a good breed for joggers, hikers, and cyclists but must be on leash. Love to play and are generally an energetic breed but will calm when required.    

Temperament: A loyal companion dog that excels as a gentle house pet.  Love being with their family and will cuddle on the couch when invited. A medium sized dog that is capable and smart, loving, reliable and devoted. Watchful and alert, good guardian.  

Interested puppy purchasers are encouraged to inquire about health clearances and can expect to receive detailed, honest information from responsible breeders.