History and origin: The Pekingese is an ancient breed, bred only by Chinese royalty for centuries behind palace walls. In fact, if a person was found outside of the palace walls with one, they would face certain death by stoning. In 1890 the palace was raided by British soldiers who took five Pekingese with them that were left behind by fleeing royalty. These dogs were brought to England and one was presented to Queen Victoria, These five dogs are the foundation of all present day Pekingese.  Recognized by AKC in 1906

General Appearance: small compact dog not over 14 pounds. Surprisingly heavy to pick up. Pear shaped with short bowed front legs around a low slung chest. A unique rolling gait. A free and easy roll because of this shape.  Body is narrower at rear, back is short and level, tail curves over the back. Heavy bone. The head is wide and shallow, referred to as shaped like business envelope, not square.  Top skull is flat, ears frame face with long feathering. Eyes are large, round, dark, lustrous.Pigment is black. Undershot bite with tight lips over teeth.  

Coat and Colour: Coat is long and straight with course outer coat and thick under coat. Coat can be any colour. Sheds coat once yearly. Weekly baths and regular brushing will keep the coat healthy. Only pads of feet are trimmed

Feeding: A good quality kibble with canned food or home cooked toppers will keep them fit. Puppies are fed 2-3 times daily using puppy kibble with canned puppy food.

Training and Obedience: Pekingese are highly intelligent and very trainable. Due to their short legs, heavy coat and flat face, they do not require excessive exercise,  particularly during hot summer months. They do however enjoy going for walks and are very easy to train to do simple obedience as long as they think it was their idea!!

Temperament: Pekingese are brave little dogs, fearless and ready to take on any situation with confidence. They are lovely little companion dogs, loyal and happy to be with their people but because of their independent and courageous nature they tend not to be as needy as other toy breeds.

Interested puppy purchasers are encouraged to inquire about health clearances and can expect to receive detailed, honest information from responsible breeders.