Gordon Setter

Origin and Uses: a large breed of dog that is part of sporting or gundog group. Before 1924 known as the black and tan setter; originated in the United Kingdom and are the heaviest and sturdiest of the setter breeds proving useful to hunters in the rough terrain of Scotland. They are excellent dogs in the field, with the ability to ‘set’ or crouch to indicate the bird. Several early crosses with other setters, collies, and bloodhounds eventually produced the dog of today: name was changed to Gordon Setter in1924 .

Weight and Height: males 24-27 inches and 55-80 pounds…females 23-26 inches and 45-70 pounds.

General Appearance: largest and heaviest of the four setter breeds. Well muscled, very sturdy with strong bone and substance that suggests stamina rather than raciness, while still being stylish and noble looking.

Coat and Colour: coal black shorter hair over complete body, that is silky and may have a slight wave; longer hair on ears, backs of legs, chest, and under tail . Tan markings over eyes, on side of face, feet and lower legs and under tail. These are the only acceptable colours and marking details. Regular brushing required especially after a romp in the field.

Feeding: Any good quality kibble….they are a large deep chested breed so should be fed twice daily with avoidance of exercise before and after eating.

Training and Obedience: train easily in obedience but can also be stubborn so training needs to be fair, firm and consistent; excel in performance sports but speed and agility might be compromised for steady working ability.

Activity and performance: require daily run andexercise to stay fit; good breed for bikers and joggers; if bored dog may be tempted to dig in the back yard; fenced yard is necessary: not natural jumpers; if allowed freedom they would likely follow a good scent since they are a natural hunting/field dog.

Temperament: a sweet and kindly breed that do not bark excessively; somewhat guardy, if they sense an intruder. They are an excellent pet with kids, and are accepting of other dogs and cats; good family dog.

Interested puppy purchasers are encouraged to inquire about health clearances and can expect to receive detailed, honest information from responsible breeders.