Manchester Terrier – Toy & Standard

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Temperament: With their family they are very affectionate and insist on being as close as possible, preferably touching them. Generally well-behaved with other dogs but not overly playful with new acquaintances. They can be reserved with strangers, although polite and observant.

Height: Toys are typically 11 – 12″, Standards are about 16 – 17″.

Weight: Toys are 12 pounds and under, Standards are 12 – 22 lbs.

Coat: Short, smooth, short, dense, light and glossy, not soft. Grooming of the coat is very simple and shed hairs, although minimal, look like tiny eyelashes. Having a predominately black body causes the Manchester to heat up quickly and extra care must be made in hot weather to ensure the dog doesn’t overheat. Cold weather is felt very keenly by this short-haired breed and may require the use of a coat.

Colour: Jet black with rich mahogany tan markings.

Training & Obedience: Beginning with the dog’s first day in the new home, treat training is good to help form a strong bond but eventually the terrier personality will offer a challenge. They learn very quickly, both wanted and unwanted behaviours. Manchesters have a definite sense of humour and owners should, too. This breed bonds very tightly to their families and will eagerly participate in training if it is fun, varied and fair. Socialization is a must with this breed to encourage tolerance to novel situations and places.

Housebreaking: With frequency, consistency and vigilance they are quick learners. During wet or cold weather, Manchesters are especially reluctant to go outside by themselves and may need to be brought outside on a leash.

Crate training: When introduced by the breeder at an early age, most Manchesters readily continue to accept a crate with warm, soft bedding. When the owner is away, some Manchesters resent crate time and will nuisance bark. Sometimes they are better off in a safe, enclosed room.

Exercise tolerance: Puppies are active in short bursts and require frequent rests. Care should be taken to avoid repetitive jumping or prolonged hard running before maturity. As adults, if well conditioned, can be a wonderful running/jogging/hiking partner with great endurance. Manchesters are always up for a game of frisbee, fetch or chase but are equally happy to share the couch and blanket with their family. The Standard variety requires somewhat more exercise than the Toy variety but both crave their owner’s presence and can adjust to varying activity levels.

© Jennifer Legere
© Jennifer Legere
Interested puppy purchasers are encouraged to inquire about health clearances and can expect to receive detailed, honest information from responsible breeders.