Miniature Pinscher

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Temperament: Very curious and outgoing, can be cautious with strangers but are extremely loving and affection with their “person”.

Height: 10-12.5″

Weight: 6-10 Pounds

Colour: Red, Stag Red (red with black hairs interspersed throughout the coat), black & rust, chocolate & rust

Coat: Miniature Pinschers are smooth coated breeds that are considered low-shedding. They require very little in the way of coat & skin care, simply bath when dirty.

Feeding: MinPins do quite well on a grain-free, high quality kibble, as well as a raw diet. Omega oils or coconut oil can be added daily for a shiny, healthy coat.

Housebreaking: Consistency is the key, they can be trained to go outside or use potty pads, which is good for those that live in colder climates.

Crate Training: Recommended from puppyhood and for safe travel.

Training & Obedience: Early training is essential. Socialization is very important and should be started early. This is a very active and intelligent breed that can excel in agility, obedience, barn hunt and other dog sports.

Exercise: Daily walks, or running and playing in a fenced yard. This breed is not an off-leash breed unless in an enclosed area. They were originally bred as ratters so have a tendency to chase anything small that moves fast – mice, squirrels, birds, etc. They do very well with lots of mental and physical stimulation and can achieve this in a small setting, i.e., apartment or condo.

© Meredith Riley
© Meredith Riley
Interested puppy purchasers are encouraged to inquire about health clearances and can expect to receive detailed, honest information from responsible breeders.