Miniature Wire Haired Dachshund

Origin and Uses: the dachshund breed originated in Germany and has existed since the 16th century. The three coat varieties were developed at different times, and were used to hunt badgers, hence the name: ‘Dachs’ meaning badger and ‘hund’ meaning dog. The mini was created from probable crosses with toy terriers and pinschers to hunt rabbits. Crosses were later discontinued, and selective breedings were maintained in order to preserve their hunting ability.

General Appearance: a small, low to the ground, robust, and sturdy breed with short stout legs, long body, long tail, and harsh coat. For your interest, there is also a kanichen size that is even smaller for going down rabbit holes and is measured by chest circumference. 

Weight: under 11 pounds

Coat and Colour: Wiry coat, with harsh medium length outer coat and with undercoat: Typical colours are red, wild boar and black and tan. Coat can be managed with weekly brushing: Must have longer eyebrows and beard. For show purposes the coat is hand stripped similar to a terrier. Coat must not be soft. For the softest coats, it is usually easier to maintain by regular clipping.

Feeding: Wires are not fussy eaters and require no particular dietary requirements: Do well on a good quality kibble, and fed twice daily. This is a hardy breed and relatively healthy. Back issues are a rarity but can be expensive to treat so keep your dog in healthy weight and condition. Temperament: a clownish breed that is happy and outgoing, alert and active. They love company. They are good with children and other dogs and cats if introduced properly.

Training and Obedience: crate training is recommended for house breaking along with a small pen outdoors, otherwise they are easily distracted by sights and smells. Always be consistent.

Activity and Performance: Their short legs do not allow them to be a jogging partner but still they must have exercise and they do have good athletic ability. They can do obedience, scent work, lure coursing and agility.

Interested puppy purchasers are encouraged to inquire about health clearances and can expect to receive detailed, honest information from responsible breeders.