Pharaoh Hound

History: From the island of Malta, although the breed originated in ancient Egypt perhaps 5000 years ago.  Phoenician traders, sailing throughout the Mediterranean, likely introduced the breed to Malta and it was used there to hunt rabbits. The Pharaoh hound is a strong athletic dog with graceful lines and an obvious ability, by his very appearance, to be fast and agile.

General Appearance: Lean and sleek, medium sized dog with a noble alert expression. The back is straight, legs and tail are long, head is lean and large ears are carried upright. Everything about this breed suggests speed and stamina.

Coat and Colour: Always a tan to reddish tan/ chestnut colour. Coat is short, glossy and tight with no bushiness. Nose is always flesh coloured.  Of particular interest is the breeds’ ability to ‘blush’, a rose colour noticeable on the nose and ears when overly exited or happy. Coat care is periodic brushing and bath when necessary.  

Size: males 22-25 inches….females 21-24 inches    Weight: 45-55 lbs.

Feeding: They should be fed a good quality kibble, twice daily.

Training and Obedience: They will adapt to training easily but must be handled softly without harsh words or abusive techniques. As a sensitive breed, care must be taken to correct gently but firmly. They will do well in any performance event where they are allowed to run such as lure coursing, fast cat etc. Because they were bred to hunt, they might also excel at barn hunt trials.

Activity:  This breed loves to run and they are exceedingly fast when in full gallop. They are very capable jumpers and therefore would have little trouble clearing a six foot fence. They were also bred to be hunters and so they can sight or scent a quarry. They have instinctive prey drive and will not stop if they decide to give chase. They will tolerate cats if raised with them, but should never be left alone with a cat unsupervised. They must not run loose but should only be exercised within the confines of a fenced area. They do not like cold weather!!

Temperament: A sweet and happy breed, and enjoys the family unit along with the small children within that unit and is a good pet and delightful house dog.    

Interested puppy purchasers are encouraged to inquire about health clearances and can expect to receive detailed, honest information from responsible breeders.