Russell Terrier

History and Origin: originating in England. A swift and sturdy hunting dog for the sportof fox hunting in the early 19th century. Rev. John Russell (1795-1883) established two comparable breeds of fox hunting dogs, the one being low legged and flexible enough to be able to go down a hole to flush the fox but not kill it. The other terrier type was taller, leggier, also fast and strong enough to run with the horses, and determined enough to dig its quarry from the ground. (Parson Russell Terrier) Eventually the two types became separate breeds. Recognized by AKC in 2012, and still on the CKC miscellaneous list in 2014.   

General Appearance: a mostly white, (51%) small dog, sturdy and agile. Short  straight legs, rectangular appearance. Tail may be docked or natural. Eyes dark, almond shaped, ears small, nose black, lips black, teeth large with level or scissors bite.  Back level and ribs oval shaped and compressible when spanned.(important)   Size: 10-12 inches.

Coat and colour: white with markings of red/tan, black and tricolor.  There will be sufficient undercoat and a harsher outer coat which should be weatherproof, since this is a hunting terrier and able to hunt in many types of weather conditions. Coat types are smooth, rough or broken.  

Feeding: a quality kibble suitable for active dogs

Training and Obedience: this breed will excel in barn hunt, fast cat agility, rally, and obedience. Walks always on lead. Smart and eager.

Activity: alert, lively, active, inquisitive and playful.  Very sturdy little breed. A free spirit, always game for fun. Sweet and loving.     

Temperament: charming character, loving and loyal.Good with children and other pets and is happy in the home and  family unit.         

Interested puppy purchasers are encouraged to inquire about health clearances and can expect to receive detailed, honest information from responsible breeders.