Smooth Fox Terrier

© Sherri Trithart

Origin: The Smooth Fox Terrier originated in Great Britain and is one of the oldest of the Terriers. He was bred as a hunting dog used to dig down into burrows and flush out fox and other small animals. Today, this breed has retained its desire to hunt. The Smooth Fox enjoys digging and burrowing, however, this can be corrected early in through proper training. The Smooth is a friendly, affectionate and devoted dog. He is a good watchdog and gets along well with children. Early socialization is recommended where other dogs, cats and household pets are concerned.

Adult height: 15.5″

Adult weight: 18 lbs

Coat: The coat is smooth, flat, hard, dense and abundant – the dirt and debris from working in the dens doesn’t gather and stick to the coat as it would hinder the dogs performance.

Colours: White should be the predominant colour, marked with black, tan or ginger.

Feeding: A high quality diet either kibble or raw food is acceptable. Your Smooth should look sleek but not show ribs or hip bones at their ideal weight.

Training & Obedience: Like most Terriers, the Smooth is intelligent but can be stubborn — Training should be consistent and firm. Socialization, especially with other dogs, should be done at a very young age.

House breaking: You must be consistent and diligent in training.

Crate training: As the breed was bred to go underground their instinct is to be comfortable in den type places. Making it a safe amd secure “home” helps teach the Smooth that a crate is just for them.

Exercise: The Smooth is a high energy dog and does require plenty of exercise. They enjoy participating in such activities as agility and fly ball, obedience and earth dog events. They are suited to both city and rural homes as long as they get plenty of exercise and social interaction.

Weather tolerance: Access to fresh water at all times especially during warmer weather. During colder days you will often find your Smooth curled up in a blanket or laying in the suns rays.

© Sherri Trithart
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